After 35 years of rocking out, join us for our final performance

THE FRUSTRATIONS      |      L A S T    D A N C E


NOVEMBER 2nd, 2018 7:30pm @ MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle Center)


Guests are expected to DANCE --                          we do not do ‘Concerts’.

As you plan to attend The Last Dance, please be aware that like all temperamental artists, The Frustrations have certain contractual stipulations and ours, while not numerous, are non-negotiable;

  1. We must be introduced.

  2. We require a case of Stroh’s beer, preferably cold, but, we recognize Stroh’s is a bit difficult to find these days.

  3. Cold Beverages (preferably alcohol) must be served in the room we perform in. We want our guests to stay well hydrated and not wander too far from the dance floor.

  4. We do not take Breaks and we do not play any Ballads. Well . . .almost never.

  5. Requests are fine, as long as the song is already on our Set List.


We are fully sold out!


*No gate ticket sales. No host drinks. The Last Dance is a private, 21+ party. ID required for admission.*